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Are you doing the right things and how do you know?

Too many companies try to compensate for direction with speed and thus live under constant stress. We do not believe in this and our experience shows that you can get more value by doing less, provided you do the right things. We help our customers do the right things and thereby create sustainable growth

Our customers are small and medium-sized companies that want to create sustainable growth

Our customers have in common that their business does not develop at the pace they want, which creates both stress and anxiety for the future. They all want to increase their sales and create sustainable growth.

Our concept is based on over 30 years of experience on what is actually the difference that makes the difference for sustainable growth. Unlike many other players in the market, our method is based on well-developed methods that you simply apply yourself at the pace that suits you. Our keys are based on a ”do it yourself” model where you can easily take part in our extensive experience boiled down to what is the difference that makes the difference for sustainable growth.

We also offer transformative coaching for those who feel the need for it. Our team consists of certified coaches and trainers.

How would it feel to know that your business rests on a solid foundation that you yourself have built up systematically and structured without risk? What would you like your business to look like in 3-5 years?

Does your business belong to those who succeed or do we find you among the potential?

THE PRINCIPLES BEHIND OUR model is also based on Albert Einstein’s famous quotes

”Make it as easy as you can, but not a bit easier”

”If you can not explain it easily, then you have not understood it well enough”

”We cannot solve our problems by thinking the same way we did when we created them.”

”We can’t solve our problems by thinking the same way we did when we created them”
– Albert Einstein

1. Customer Focus

A basic prerequisite for successful and sustainable growth is that you define who your customer is. The more specifically you can define your customer, the easier it will be for you to understand their problems, requirements, needs, desires and expectations. From there, you can then create products and services that meet, or even better, exceed their expectations. Many business owners make the mistake of creating products and services based on what they themselves think others need. This without really understanding who the customer is and whether their service or product solves the problem that the customer has. This is not a successful strategy.

2. Leadership

The geese are a fantastic role model for leadership. They simply change to lead and follow to ensure sustainable progress. When the leader who flies to the front of the V-formation gets tired, someone else simply switches and takes on the leadership role. In the same way, we believe that modern leadership should work. Knowing your own strengths, qualities and abilities is central to being able to lead yourself. Being able to lead oneself is a prerequisite for leading others. You need to identify your weaknesses, motivations and abilities. You must also understand where you come from and what strategies you have learned to apply at all stages of life and why.

3. Navigation

Knowing your company and at the same time understanding what is happening in the outside world and how it affects your company and your customers is our third key. Many companies forget the whole area and risk being completely overwhelmed by trends and new business models emerging in the market. You need to be able to navigate and understand what is happening and how it is affecting the market in general and your customers and your business in particular. Changes happen faster and you need to understand which trends are affecting you and which you may be able to ignore.

5. Diversity

No one can do everything, so you can better surround yourself with people who complement you in areas where you are simply not the best. To succeed in this, you must surround yourself with people who are not the same as you. This is despite the temptation to surround yourself with like-minded people who work and think the same way you do. It is so much easier then and you will work so smoothly and nicely together. ”birds of a feather stick together”, we have learned, but when it comes to innovations and sustainable results this tends to sub-optimize, However, it´s critical that your entire organization  share the company’s vision, mission, core values, targets and direction.

6. Target and Direction

Many companies and organizations only set goals in areas that can be easily measured. Unfortunately, it is not the same as setting the right goal. Goals that create sustainable growth require a larger perspective and you must be creative when deciding what goals you should have and how you should follow up. It is also common for people and organizations to set goals actions, ie things they should do which and completely forget to set performance goals. There are those who claim that only 3-5% of the world’s population sets goals? Sure this sounds completely crazy but if you think about it for a moment it may be correct. How do you set goals in your business and in your life? Are they clear and well formed?

7. Perpetual Learning

Few people have time to do right from the start, while they seem to have endless of time to re-do do over and over and over. Continuous development is not about doing many things, it is about doing the RIGHT things, things that matter. Things that create momentum towards your defined goals. Things that provide energy and that you simply can not fail to accomplish. Your actions must give back so much energy and learning that you can create a business with sustainable growth. In addition, you need to develop your skills in several areas simultaneously. You need to do things in parallel, with a holistic view and being committed to your peers.